County makes water system improvements


The Fayette County Water System over the past two years has made significant improvements, is in full compliance and plans to achieve a Gold Award for 100-percent compliance for this past year’s operations, according to county officials.

During the summer of 2013, the State Sanitary Survey categorized the Fayette County Water System with “Concerned Performance.” A Corrective Action Plan was established to improve these deficiencies and substantial progress has been made to date.

Two major $6.5 million construction projects are in progress and will be completed by year-end. At this time, 83 percent of the identified deficiencies are resolved with the remaining 17 percent to be completed over the next year, officials said.

In addition, the Water System has made operational enhancements that give water operators state-of-the-art equipment to better manage, treat and distribute the best water quality possible.

All water operators have undergone retraining certification and our in-house maintenance team has reduced equipment outages, installed new particle counters and streaming current analyzers and upgraded the coagulant feed system.

“These changes provide our water operators critical information in making better time-sensitive decisions and makes them more efficient and effective,” according to a spokesperson.

The system has added new customer service personnel and is training them to handle customers more efficiently. An online Citizen Self-Serve feature has been implemented making it easier for customers to see and pay their bills in a timely fashion.

“All of the improvements mentioned above have not required a water rate increase,” said the Director of the Water System Lee Pope. “Being able to accomplish these significant water compliance and operational enhancements within existing funds helps earn the trust of our customers and meet the demands for today and tomorrow. “