Video shows motorcyclist appearing to point gun at vehicle on Hwy. 54 in Coweta County


An Oct. 4 incident on Ga. Highway 54 in east Coweta County near Peachtree City recorded on a dash camera shows what appears to be a man on a motorcycle pointing a handgun at another vehicle. The motorcycle driver was stopped in Peachtree City but, as of yet, is facing no charges from Coweta deputies.

The incident reportedly occurred as the motorcycle and other vehicles were traveling east on Hwy. 54 just inside Coweta County and in proximity to Peachtree City. 

A video from a dash camera in a private vehicle shows a motorcycle in the left lane with a vehicle behind it. At one point, the driver of the motorcycle using his right hand pulls a dark object from the area of his waist, turns slightly around and points it in the direction of the vehicle traveling behind him. After a short period the motorcycle driver replaced the item in the area of his waist.

A call was made to 911 and the motorcycle driver was stopped by Peachtree City officers a short time later. Officers also made contact with the victim and the driver of the vehicle with the dash camera. Coweta deputies were alerted, arrived in Peachtree City and spoke with the witness. The victim did not remain in Peachtree City to be interviewed by Coweta deputies. There were no arrests at that time.

Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager said a problem with the incident is that the victim does not want to press charges. That said, Yeager noted that he told Coweta investigators to look at charges that could be brought by the sheriff’s office.

“We take it that there was a gun. The guy had a gun,” Yeager said Monday. “At the very least we could charge him the reckless conduct.”

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office released a statement later on Oct. 4.

“The initial report was made to Peachtree City Police this date by the victim flagging down one of their officers. After the victim called 911 and gave a description of suspect, the motorcycle and direction of travel, Peachtree City found a subject matching that description. Also a witness stopped and advised officers that he had gotten the incident on his personal dash cam. Upon viewing the video officers discovered the incident had happened in Coweta County and we were notified to assist. We spoke with witness and have the information on the suspect, but the victim told PTC police he needed to go home to Henry County and was not available for us to take a report/statement or to take a look at the suspect. All of our interviews were videoed and recorded and the investigation is continuing and we hope to have the victim in soon for his report,” the statement said.