Kim Westwood announces for council


I am asking for your support in my election to City Council Post One in Peachtree City. I have loved this city since the moment I moved here in 1987. I spent 15 years as a stay at home mom, an experience for which I am eternally grateful.

In 2006, I opened a flower shop called A Blue Lady. I was honored to have the opportunity to earn your trust throughout the most important events in your lives such as weddings, parties, special events, and funerals for loved ones. I discovered that I possessed an inner strength that enabled me to be strong for people during their most vulnerable times.

After my flower shop closed, I worked in Peachtree City in two part-time capacities: lead counselor for an after-school program that utilized city and church resources; and hula hooping usher at the Amphitheater. My volunteer duties with the Great Georgia Air Show expanded each year, from manning the most remote gates to eventually working directly with the board of Directors which included helping to revamp marketing and create a VIP section. This particular project generated the first new stream of income produced for the show in years.

After my friend’s wife died of breast cancer, I accepted a position with the American Cancer Society. I engaged the Chamber of Commerce, the city staff and council, all of the schools and most of the churches. We pulled together, helped and supported each other, and raised record breaking amounts of money which provided resources and cures.

Currently, I am an employee for an international nonprofit that is structured within a corporate environment. In effect, the employees of the company trust me to help their co-workers in times of crises. We serve 80,000 employees and 50,000 retirees worldwide, awarding over $1 million annually.

The work is rewarding and my running for this election is made possible by the support of my manager and my co-worker. Their support as well as the encouragement from our volunteer board of directors means everything to me.

There is a deep ribbon running through all of these experiences, connecting all of the dots. Always, in everything that I do, I have been caring for you and our community.

I earned a degree with honors in English Literature. I raised two wonderful children, one of whom I share with our nation as a Marine, and the other who is a college graduate and the best mommy in the world to the most perfect child in the world (says her smitten “Gigi”).

I have created my own successful business, am a long-time member of the Chamber of Commerce and a graduate of its Leadership Fayette Program. I was appointed to the Tourism Association and I completed a certificate program for grant writing from Emory University.

I have been a spokesperson for the Women’s Economic Development Association, and I currently volunteer as chair of the Piedmont Fayette Cancer Wellness Advisory Committee. I am this Congressional District’s lead advocate for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, which is the political arm of the American Cancer Society.

My nonprofit experience will bring a distinct viewpoint to our City Council. As a nonprofit professional, I am an excellent steward of other people’s money. I understand and respect the efforts involved in raising donations. I would never dishonor our volunteers’ hard work and dedication by being anything less than extremely vigilant about how that money is used.

Your tax dollars are entrusted to our city in much the same way. In every decision I would make, I would never forget that it was YOUR hard work that makes it available and that it is MY duty to be wise and judicious about how it is spent. I never take that responsibility lightly.

I have been attending City Council meetings since 2007. I have a real understanding of the dynamics between the staff, the elected officials, and the citizens. That knowledge will have me hitting the ground running in familiar territory if you choose to elect me.

Very generally speaking, I believe in these 3 R’s.

Respect — for each other and our history

Renew — I want to investigate innovative options (such as pursuing state and federal grants) to help us renew our aging neighborhoods.

Recapture — I want us to recapture the magic that we felt the first time we discovered Peachtree City and use that energy to show the most positive, welcoming, and cooperative face to the outside world.

As our city ages, we need to take stock of who we are, and who we want to be moving forward. It’s important to say “No” to things that aren’t right for us. But let’s find something together that will be a good fit that we can say “Yes” to.

I want us to be friends, and I want you to understand how I view friendship. Friendship is a constant. Friends can be allies or not, given different situations. We can agree on one issue, disagree on another, but the friendship can and should remain constant.

In short, I have a compassionate heart, boundless energy, and eternal optimism. My experience is varied, well-rounded, and conducive to inclusive, effective, and uplifting leadership.

It is not the time in our city’s history for business as usual. I offer a fresh and hopeful vision of a city that was cutting edge in its infancy. I want us to return to that vision.

During that time in my life when I needed you the most, you were there for me. You helped to shape me into the strong person I am today, and I want to return the favor. I want to bring us all together one more time. Miracles happen when a group of people work together and share one goal. Our goal is to pursue what is best for Peachtree City. You will be amazed at what we can accomplish together.

I challenge each of you to remember the very first time you got on a golf cart and rode on our paths. Can you remember how exciting, unique, and vibrant it seemed? I am looking forward to working together to recapture that magic.

I am asking that on November 2, you will allow me the privilege of serving you by voting for me to be a part of your City Council. Thank you.

Kim Westwood
Peachtree City, Ga.