High school sports calendar (Sept. 1-5)


Tuesday, Sept. 1
SOFTBALL: McIntosh at Northgate; Forest Park at Starr’s Mill; Whitewater at Woodward Academy; Fayette County at Sandy Creek; Galloway at Our Lady of Mercy; Temple at Landmark; Pebblebrook at East Coweta.
VOLLEYBALL: Mundy’s Mill, Morrow at McIntosh; Northgate, Drew at Starr’s Mill; Our Lady of Mercy at Elite.

Wednesday, Sept. 2
SOFTBALL: East Coweta at Campbell.
VOLLEYBALL: Fayette County at North Clayton.

Thursday, Sept. 3
SOFTBALL: Starr’s Mill at McIntosh; Whitewater at Troup; Fayette County at Carrollton; Sandy Creek at Woodward Academy; Landmark at Our Lady of Mercy; Northgate at Morrow.
VOLLEYBALL: ELCA, Columbus at McIntosh; Starr’s Mill at Stockbridge; Whitewater, Northgate at Landmark; Our Lady of Mercy at Heritage.

Friday, Sept. 4
FOOTBALL: Fayette County at Starr’s Mill; Hampton at Sandy Creek; Banneker at Whitewater; Harrison at East Coweta; Northgate at Troup; Landmark at Pace Academy; Our Lady of Mercy at KIPP Atlanta.
VOLLEYBALL: South Paulding at Fayette County.

Saturday, Sept. 5
CROSS-COUNTRY: Starr’s Mill, Whitewater, Fayette County, Landmark, Northgate at Panther Invitational (Heritage CC); McIntosh at Half-Mile Invitational (Alachua, Fla.).