County issues lake parking decals


Fayette County government is now issuing parking decals for use of Lake McIntosh Park and Lake Horton Park for businesses whose employees are non-county residents, through an arrangement approved in May by the Board of Commissioners.

The cost for the two-year decal is $1.

“The objective of the Board of Commissioners is one of appreciation to those who work daily in Fayette County, but may not reside here. In a real sense, they, too, are part of our community and its well-being,” said Chairman Charles Oddo. “This special decal affords those ‘day citizens’ the opportunity to enjoy the amenities offered by Lake Mac and Lake Horton as a ‘thank you’ for their contributions to our home of Fayette.”

Persons who are not residents of Fayette County but are employed at county businesses can obtain the decal and use either park weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Non-county residents who wish to visit either park at other times will need to purchase a $5 daily parking decal or an annual $50 parking decal.

Decals are not transferable and are required to be placed on the outside of the back window at the lower left-hand corner of the driver’s side.

Employers may contact Fayette County’s Parks and Recreation Department at 770-716-4320 or for instructions on how to obtain the parking permits.

Group reservations are required to be made in person and all rules and regulations apply.