Math whizzes test skills at annual county competition


Students in grades 4-5 from the county’s 14 elementary schools battled in the 2015 Fayette County Elementary Math Tournament and proved they know how to crunch numbers.

The team of Camille Meyers, Miyu Takagi, Bryce Defler, and Andrew Yeager took Braelinn Elementary to a first-place victory in the fourth-grade competition.

The Peeples Elementary team of Sydney Mills, Kelly Holliday, Heather Hernandez, and Lance Martin clinched first place in the fifth-grade contest.

Crabapple Lane Elementary and Oak Grove Elementary took second place in the fourth- and fifth-grade competition, respectively. The Crabapple Lane team consisted of Marc van Zyl, Ian Fisher, Alex Minev, Tori Taylor, and Andee Watt; Oak Grove’s team included Wyatt Koth, Teja Pulagam, Devyn Embrey, and Brady Abraham.

Kedron Elementary took fourth place in both competitions. The school’s fourth-grade team consisted of Aadhav Sundar, Tsubasa Kitada, Joseph Enck, and Megan Grabhorn; the fifth-grade team included Caleb Claiborne, Tony Qin, Nithya Guthikonda, and Jason Keil.

The top three teams each received a trophy to take back to their school to celebrate their achievement. In addition, the two winning teams will have their school names added to the plaque of champions that is displayed in the math classroom at the LaFayette Educational Center.