Judge talks to students about prom night safety


Prom is a milestone event for high school juniors and seniors who spend months preparing and planning to find the right clothes, the right date, and the right after-prom activity.

But what is supposed to be a night filled with fun and special memories can quickly end in tragedy when students decide to make reckless decisions, such as including alcohol or drugs in the celebration.

The day before Whitewater High’s prom, school principal Roy Rabold invited Fayette County State Court Judge Jason Thompson to speak to an assembly of juniors and seniors about the dangers of prom when alcohol and drugs are involved, as well as other dangers such as talking on a cell phone or texting while driving which can lead to tragic endings.

Students were encouraged to think twice about prom night decisions, and how those choices might negatively influence their futures, as well as to take into consideration the impact their choices would have on their loved ones.

Whitewater High’s prom was held April 18 with prom goers returning safely to school that following Monday.