Students get advice and martial arts lesson


“Lunch and Learn” programs at the Fayette County Alternative School provide opportunities for students to interact with business and community leaders who share their stories in an effort to motivate and encourage students to succeed academically, and become knowledgeable and productive citizens.

Rhett Husband of Karate Atlanta of Peachtree City was a featured guest at a recent Lunch and Learn where he spoke about taking responsibility, making choices, and respect for self and others.

“We are 100 percent responsible for all of our successes and failures,” he told the students.

Husband advised students to focus on only what they can change, and told them they are the only ones who are truly in control of their actions.

 He also spoke about the importance of knowing the rules and obeying them, surrounding oneself with others who share the same values, and having the courage to speak up for themselves and others.

Students participated in a martial arts demonstration led by Husband at the conclusion of the program.

Shown above is Husband leading students in the martial arts demonstration.