PTC Kiwanis awards budding artists, musicians


The Peachtree City Kiwanis Club awarded over $4,000 to 23 artists and 22 musicians during the annual Art and Music Showcase at the Bridge.

More than 400 people attended and nearly 184 pieces of art, and 64 musical groups initially entered the contest.

For the final competition the contestants were, narrowed down to the top 23 artists and 22 musicians.  Every finalist was awarded a ribbon and a monetary award.

Age group as well as 3 dimensional and exceptional categories divided the groups. 

The senior division champions will be entered in the District Kiwanis in Albany next month competing for college scholarships. The Peachtree City Club has recently enjoyed three state winners with each being awarded $3,500 scholarships.

The first place winners in art were Erika Gauvin (3 Dimensional), Anthony Parker Jones (exceptional) Lainey O’Dell (grade 1-3), Rock Lin (grade 4-6), Qiru Lin (grade 7-9), and Maxine Hauser (Senior).

The music winners were Reese Basham (grades 1-3) Irene Kwon (grades 4-6) Jennifer Deny (grades 7-9) and Adrian Romoff (Senior).