City updates policy on subdivision signs


The Peachtree City Council on March 5 adopted a number of amendments to the policy covering the maintenance of subdivision entrance signs.

Community Services Director Jon Rorie in addressing the policy said the purpose was to identify the city’s position on the maintenance, repair and/or replacement of existing subdivision entrance signs and support walls situated within the city right-of-way.

Rorie said the repair and maintenance of current signage will always be considered the first option, with repairs limited to repainting the monument sign, sign panel or individual letters affixed to the support walls no more than once every five years.

In terms of the removal or replacement of signs, the policy states that should an existing sign become damaged or deteriorated beyond economic repair Rorie will determine if the sign will be removed. If so, the sign will be replaced at an amount not to exceed $3,500 per subdivision.

Pertaining to upgrades or replacements, a subdivision with a sign located in the city right-of-way can petition to replace the subdivision sign with something different if at least 50 percent of the homeowners sign the petition request. If approved by the City Council, the homeowners’ group may be eligible a $3,500 grant per subdivision contingent on available budgeted funds.

The policy amendment also states that the city will no longer operate, maintain or repair irrigation systems and lighting for subdivision signs. Those systems under the policy are now considered to be abandoned.


The city will continue the customary practice of maintaining plant material and landscape mulch at subdivision entrances.