PTC Police Chief McCollom resigns


UPDATED Wednesday, March 11, 2015 — Peachtree City Police Chief William McCollom has resigned from his position effective March 11, 2015.

In his resignation to the city, McCollom said, “It was my pleasure to serve with the men and women of the Peachtree City Police Department in the capacity of Assistant Chief and Chief. The City of Peachtree City has every reason to be proud of their police department as the personnel are both competent and professional. I wish each of them the best as they continue to serve the citizens. I have had had two families in Peachtree City – my police family and my personal family. In light of the recent tragedy in my personal family, I need to continue to focus my time and efforts there.”

City Manager James Pennington echoed McCollom’s comments about the Police Department, saying, “The members of the department have continued to do an amazing job amid the national publicity, speculation, and negativity toward law enforcement that this tragic accident has generated over the past two months.”

Pennington has accepted McCollom’s resignation, saying, “I know Council joins me in thanking Will for his service. He and Maggie have our best wishes and heartfelt prayers as they focus on her journey back to health.”

Peachtree City will begin a search for a new chief of police immediately. In the interim, Captain Stan Pye, who has been serving as acting chief of police since Jan. 1, will remain in that position.


Earlier online version — 

The job status of Peachtree City Police Chief William McCollom — who accidentally shot his ex-wife in their home on New Year’s Day and who remains on paid administrative leave —  likely will be announced this week by City Manager Jim Pennington.

Pennington on Monday said the decision on McCollom is “my call,” adding that he expected to make that call later in the week.

While it is not known if ex-wife Maggie McCollom has medical insurance, the city’s medical insurance coverage does not include coverage for “significant others” or the non-married partners of those covered under the policy, according to Pennington.

Though Maggie McCollom is William McCollom’s third wife and the two have reportedly lived together for approximately two years, the two are not currently married.

Asked about the city’s liability coverage and if the city is self-insured, city attorney Ted Meeker said the city’s risk management policy is with Georgia Interlocal Risk Management Agency.

Chief McCollom has been on paid administrative leave since the Jan. 1 shooting.

Fayette County District Attorney Scott Ballard announced last week that he will be seeking an indictment of reckless conduct, a misdemeanor, against Chief McCollom when the Fayette County Grand Jury convenes April 15.

Ballard said there is no evidence to suggest that the shooting occurred intentionally.

Ballard on Tuesday said he cannot recall an occasion where a stand-alone misdemeanor charge has gone before a grand jury. The difference in this case is two-fold, said Ballard. 

First, the investigation was conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Beyond that, if a warrant is issued for a misdemeanor it could go to state court. Ballard said he wants to keep the case since he was involved with it since the beginning.