Wet weather puts a damper on lake dredging


The dredging work at Lake Peachtree is underway and crews are in the beginning stages of removing 64,000 cubic yards of material. A large excavator during the initial phase of dredging became temporarily stuck in the mire but was soon back on land after the operator drove it to safety.

The dredging work begin recently on Lake Peachtree that will see 64,000 cubic yards of material removed by June. And it has been during that time frame that rain clouds have continued to plague the dredging efforts.

“Weather is making the work wet and nasty, but when working in a lake things g

et nasty,” said Fayette County Administrator Steve Rapson, maintaining an upbeat perspective on the large project.

Evidence of just how the weather plays into the dredging was seen earlier this week when a large excavator sunk into the mire near Drake Field. Rapson said the operator made quick work of the situation and, within minutes, had the excavator back on “dry” land.


“It’s not uncommon to get stuck,” said Rapson, noting that the area has a stream running through it and the ground is saturated from all the rain. “The guys got get a little ahead of themselves and went out too far.”

Rapson said the project completion date, barring an excess of rainy weather, is still expected in mid-June.

In all, the project will include removing an estimated 6,000 dump truck loads of dirt and silt from the north end of Lake Peachtree.