A rebuttal to NAACP’s ‘district voting success’


A voice inside tells me, “Let it go. Your words will be twisted. People may even label me with the ‘R’ trifecta: Republican, Redneck, Racist.” But to be silent in the face of a continual barrage of misrepresentations and the abuse of a law that was put in place to eliminate abuses borders on cowardice.

In the Dec. 3 edition of The Citizen, there is not one but two letters to the editor from original supporters of the lawsuit against Fayette County Board of Education and County Commission.

Why the letters that cited the same flawed logic? Why now? Well, because the appeal of this injustice is to be heard on Dec. 10 and they wanted to paint a pretty picture of harmony and renewed civic interest here in Fayette County. News flash, correlation does not prove causation.

The fact that voter numbers were up in this last election is touted by these two gentlemen as proof of said renewed civic interest that was ostensibly due to a minority group now feeling empowered to vote.

Never mind that this most recent election showed increased turnout across the nation as Americans voted in a clear voice to oust anyone connected with the current administration in D.C. and locally to ensure that a Republican U.S. Senate seat was not lost to a Democrat.

Since the claim of these men is not backed up by any specific breakdown, the conclusion that the increased turnout was due to district voting is specious at best. It’s just as likely that the increased turnout was by the majority Republican base (note that I did not say majority white base).

One of our returning commissioners took considerable heat over remarks made after the election. While some of his words were offensive to some people, the message itself was never effectively challenged and his views related to the method by which our most recent commissioner was brought to office are shared by many.

Even those who used the Voting Rights Act as their big stick to force this change wrote after the decision was rendered that they did not really believe that most of the Fayette citizens were racist. In other words, the end justifies the means … the end justifies the means … the end justifies the means.

Why don’t we all just shut up and color? Stop “wasting” taxpayer dollars to appeal this unjust use of a law to ensure that Dems get a seat. While we are at it, ignore lies from the IRS about lost emails, ignore unprecedented power grabs by the executive, ignore an Obamacare architect publicly stating that the law was purposely obtuse and that most citizens are stupid, ignore that those who used race as a wedge to change our method of voting for local representatives look upon me and you as just as stupid, but they ignore that we did not drink their Kool-aid. Come on, Johnny, shut up, grab a crayon and color!

No thank you sir, I prefer to have the appeals judges look clearly at the drawing that you are forcing me to color before the bright hues are added and that picture of a fire breathing Medusa is made to look like Puff the Magic Dragon.

Make no mistake, the historic election of two Democrats (I don’t care their skin tone) to county posts proves only one thing; effective gerrymandering will ensure the election outcome desired. The end justifies the means.

Alan Felts
Peachtree City, Ga.