I lost four-fifths of my vote in ‘success’


This is in response to Mr. Jones’ letters in the Dec. 3 issue of The Citizen.

If you rig an event such that the outcome is inevitable, is it considered a success? If you did that in professional sports or gaming enterprises, you’d be charged with criminal activity.

But the NAACP thinks their federally “rigged” ghetto to be a success: the majority-minority 5th district of Fayette County, Ga., elected a black person. Like Gomer Pyle was want to say, “Well, surprise, surprise.” And this is cause for celebration?

Up until the NAACP stuck their nose into something they had no business,all Fayette citizens had an equal shot at how their tax money was going to be spent throughout the county.

All people had an equal say in whether or not they approved of a county commissioner via the power of the voting booth.

But thanks to a gelding federally appointed judge and the racist NAACP we have all lost in our voting rights. Or to put it another way, four-fifths — 80 percent — of us lost out to the supposed “benefit” of one-fifth — 20 percent.

Or, on a more personal level, my 100 percent county voting capability has been reduced to 20 percent. I am now hamstrung by district voting the issues only concerning my district yet my county tax dollars are being spent by four other commissioners and in districts I have no control over or say as a Fayette County citizen.

And this is better because …? Oh, yeah, we got a black commissioner. Whoopee! Hey, sounds like a good deal to me. And for the rest of the four-fifths, let ’em eat cake; taxation without representation for you.

I applaud the BOE and the county for actually using my tax dollars to fight what I consider a good fight. I don’t know about the rest of you but I want my full 100 percent voting rights back.

We are either all equal citizens of this county or not. Thanks to the efforts of a small handful of racial hucksters led by the biggest racial divider outside of our President, we are going the way of our country in celebrating our differences, being divisive as a people and demanding special dispensation because of, in this case, race.

Had it not been for the misguided grandstanding efforts of the NAACP, we would not be “wasting” taxpayer money to fight for our full voting rights in this county. The crack has started and it won’t be too much longer before Fayette becomes fully fractured like all those other counties surrounding Atlanta, counties many blacks who now call Fayette County home moved from for good reason.

How soon will it be before some spineless judge declares an Hispanic or Asian majority-minority district? And what of my own “heritage,” the Irish-American minority-majority district? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it.

District voting a success? Like counting cards or throwing a football game, ultimately, no. As one pundit famously said, “you should be careful for what you wish for.”

Mike Mahoney
Fayetteville, Ga.