PTC publishing company’s invention wins award


Peachtree City-based Gallopade International, Inc., an award-winning publisher of children’s books and educational materials, produced a product selected as Learning Magazine’s 2015 Teachers’ Choice Award winner for its Classroom Common Core Writer’s Blocks, cubes that prompt writing topics.
The Learning magazine Teachers’ Choice Awards honor innovative, superlative educational products with real teachers weighing in as judges.
This ground-breaking, hands-on, learning tool in the shape of a cube compels students to exercise decision-making skills and creativity. The Writer’s Blocks can prompt hundreds of story combinations targeted for children.
Award-winning author Carole Marsh is well-known to teachers across the nation for the distinctive learning approach she brings to the educational materials she creates.
“Teachers already have a big enough burden on their shoulders. It is a real joy to me to create materials that support teachers and, dare I say it, make the school day more fun,” says Marsh. “Right now, teachers have a great need for fun, user-friendly products that build confidence before they can even begin to help kids.”
Writer’s Blocks are part of the Queen of Common Core series, a series for students in grades first through fifth, and intended to combat the fear and discouragement teachers across the country are experiencing with the adoption of Common Core Standards. Writer’s Blocks are a solution to easily and painlessly incorporating Common Core essentials while prompting students to thinking creatively and generate ideas. There are five blocks for five different types of writing: mystery narrative, historical narrative, opinion piece, informative report and creative narrative.