PTC, F’ville hailed as 2 of top 10 places to live in Ga.


Real estate research blog Motovo has named Peachtree City and Fayetteville to its Top 10 Best Places in Georgia list.

The blog ranked the 10 best places to live in cities with more than 10,000 residents. Selections were based on criteria such as total amenities, crime, commute time, tax rates, unemployment, weather and quality of life issues such as cost of living, median home prices, median rent, median household income and student-teacher ratios.

Peachtree City came in at second place among the 10 cities while Fayetteville had a sixth place ranking.

Describing Peachtree City, Motovo said, “Easily the Georgia city with the absolute cutest name on our list, Peachtree City is about as lovely as it sounds. Residents in this peach of a city can enjoy over 24 square miles of resort-style living and an impressive 90 miles of running, biking and golf cart paths. Plus, according to our analysis, the majority of them don’t have to struggle to do so. Peachtree City earned one of the highest overall quality of life scores on our list, due to its high median household income of $92,647 and a median home and rent price of $279,800 and $1,135, respectively — a good indication of the area’s desirability. The city also had one of the lowest crime rates out of all 81 places we looked at, with just 1,321 crimes per 100,000 people.”

Describing sixth place winner Fayetteville, Motovo said, “A low sales tax, an unemployment rate of just 8.1 percent and one of the best quality of life scores in the state, Fayetteville seems to have it all. This includes a cost of living that’s on the higher side but, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. This city had a student-teacher ratio of just 15 to 1, a median household income 48 percent higher than the Georgia average and, considering the city’s relatively small population of just over 16,000, a good amount of amenities, including a beautiful secret garden. Fayetteville really does seem to have it all.”

The 10 winners ranked in order are Canton, Peachtree City, Athens, Alpharetta, Perry, Fayetteville, Duluth, Woodstock, Norcross and, tied for 10th pace, Kennesaw and Gainesville.