King: Reasons to OK new light


Having served as a councilman for the past 90 days, by any standard, makes me no expert in all things Peachtree City.

The experience and wealth of knowledge possessed by Mayor Fleisch and council members Learnard and Imker along with their willingness to work in harmony for our city is a rare commodity as compared to other locales.

Couple this with being able to work alongside my long-time friend Terry Ernst makes this experience that much more enjoyable.

This is not to say that we all agree on each and every issue facing us, but we have the maturity to disagree without being disagreeable.

The issue of yet an additional light on Ga. Highway 54 West has city residents and especially those of both Cardiff Park and Planterra Ridge upset, in that it will invariably clog an already busy thoroughfare, not to mention the backlog along Planterra Way.

This traffic light decision rests solely with our state DOT, with Peachtree City possessing only the right to apply for a review. Should we decline to apply for this review we must accept the liability for paying the quarter-million-dollar cost should DOT decide to approve it over our objection.

Currently, the developer has lined up clients for the property who have asked that a light be installed for ease of access to their businesses. If we say no, we may very well be stuck with businesses that may not meet the standard to which we are accustomed.

Further, discussions are ongoing regarding the abandonment of city streets in order to provide access to both MacDuff and Planterra Way.

The residents of Planterra/Cardiff have every right to voice their concern over the potential increase in cut through traffic onto Planterra Way heading through their neighborhood, but certainly they would not deny a member of the Tennis Center the safer access from the soon-to-be-installed Racetrack gas station direct access to Planterra Way.

Council is very much aware of these concerns and will actively pursue remedies from companies located along Dividend Drive.

Council recently approved three separate smaller contracts for mowing and specific landscape requirements that have actually shown potential for future savings, while at the same time provide a better service to our city.

Further, Council approved the hire of six additional employees (two part-time) to accomplish what is not covered in the three contracts.

What is not widely known is that the preponderance of the cost of these new hires is to likely be made up from savings due to internal reorganization.

This spring will bring about the new construction of the boat dock along Battery Way, the shoring up of the unsightly erosion along the shoreline of Lake Peachtree, and long-ignored landscaping of traffic islands and intersections on our city streets.

I appreciate and welcome any and all input from the citizens of our fine city and I may be contacted at

Additionally, I have been known to frequently enjoy breakfast with friends at Mimi’s and would enjoy the opportunity to say hello.

Hope to see you on the paths!

Mike King

City Council Post 2

Peachtree City, Ga.