Boil water advisory issued for PTC subdivision


Residents of the Coventry subdivision in Peachtree City are being advised to boil their drinking water following a water line break in the subdivision Monday.

While the water system flushes chlorinated water through the lines following repairs, the boil water advisory is a further precaution against pathogens required by the state Environmental Protection Division, according to Water System Director Lee Pope.

The 80-some residents affected by the line break were notified by hand, and it will take approximately 24 hours to get the all-clear as it takes that long to get the results back of the bacterial test taken today, Pope said.

“We anticipate it being lifted in 24 hours,” Pope said, noting that will also require a hand-delivered notice as well.

The water system also had another line leak that needed repair Friday at Salt Lick, but the boil water advisory was lifted the next day, Pope added.