Silhouettes light up the hallway


Life-size silhouettes of 85 seventh graders bring the main corridor of Whitewater Middle to life, each revealing something special about the student it represents.
Language arts teacher Danna Taylor came up with the idea as she was settling into her new classroom before the start of the school year. Taylor, who was a teacher at the former Fayette Middle School, had all but finished decorating her room when she realized she had a blank wall with nothing to go on it. She quickly came up with an idea of putting silhouettes of her students on the wall.

As she was unpacking her boxes, she found her “I Am” statement that she had done while at Fayette Middle as part of a project that art teacher Ellen Mitchell (now at Braelinn Elementary) had initiated for all students and staff. The statements were hung around the halls of the school as a representation of the unique qualities each person possessed. Taylor’s statement was “I Am…A Believer.”

Discovering that statement lead to Taylor creating an assignment that would not only tie into language arts, but would also help students realize the special traits they have that sets them apart from everyone else. She wanted to make sure that her students on Team 7C saw their individual talents.

The project took several weeks to complete with the help of parent volunteers who traced each student’s pose against black paper and cut it out.