Poetry event is this weekend at library


The Fayette County Public Library invites poets age 15 to adult to present their work at an Open Mic Matinee, Oct. 19 at 1 p.m. Following the performance will be a reception featuring book signings by Sara De Luca and Pat Butler, two Fayette County poets recently published by Finishing Line Press.

To ensure a quality program everyone can enjoy and give all eligible parties a chance to participate, some rules have been established. Poets must perform only their own original work. Both verse poems and prose poems (spoken word) are allowed. Each poet may perform no more than two pieces, for a maximum of five minutes. No musical accompaniment will be allowed. All material must be suitable for a family audience (G- or PG-rated). Participants are asked to use good judgment and show respect for the audience and for fellow poets when planning their performances. Library staff reserves the right to interrupt readings that go overtime or violate the rules in any way.
Please note that this year there will be no advance registration. Poets will perform in the order they sign in at the door. Poet sign-in begins at 12:30 p.m. Oct. 19.

Admission to the program and reception is free and the public is invited to attend. Proceeds from books sold at Sara De Luca’s and Pat Butler’s signings will benefit the Friends of the Fayette County Public Library, whose sponsorship provides free light refreshments for the reception.

The Fayette County Public Library is located behind the Fayette County administrative complex in downtown Fayetteville, at the southwest corner of Highways 85 and 54. For additional information, please contact the library at 770-461-8841