4 PTC firms make Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing list


    Inc. magazine this week announced its list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the United States. Making the list were four companies located in Peachtree City.

    SAWTST topped the local list coming in at number 1,005 on the “Inc. 5000” list, followed by NAECO at number 1,370, Powersports Marketing at number 1,435 and Aventure Aviation at number 2,838. Each of the companies are located in Peachtree City.

    SAWTST is a logistics and IT services company founded in 2006. The company experienced 428 percent growth in the past three years, with 2012 revenues totaling $5.1 million. Currently employing 50 people, the company added 35 of those jobs in the past three years.

    NAECO is a manufacturer and supplier of various electrical materials to a variety of industries. Founded in 1999, NAECO experienced 294 percent growth in the prior three years. Revenues in 2012 totaled $16.4 million, up from $4.2 million in 2009. The company has 23 employees with 16 of those jobs added in the past three years.

    Powersports Marketing provides marketing services for motorcycle and automotive dealers across the U.S. Powersports was founded in 2004 and saw 2012 revenues of $2.4 million, up from revenues of $631,096 in 2009. The company employs 17 people, with 14 of those jobs added in the past three years.

    Rounding out the local companies on the list is Aventure Aviation, providing aviation parts, supplies and maintenance services to clients worldwide. Founded in 2001, the company recorded 121 percent growth in the past three years with 2012 revenues totaling $12.5 million. Aventure employs 24 people, with 12 jobs added in the past three years.

    “The National Center for the Middle Market describes companies such as those on the Inc. 5000 as ‘model links’ in corporate supply chains. In a period of uncertainty and frequent shocks, their ability to deliver improves corporate customers’ resiliency. These businesses make and keep American companies competitive. Within their niches, they are as innovative and service-oriented as the most beloved household names. But rather than strategize to build brands, they earn reputations simply by virtue of how well they do what they do. They grow reference by reference until every customer in their markets knows whom to call,” according to Inc. magazine, noting that performance is the thing all the Inc. 5000 companies have in common.