Fireworks kick off the holiday weekend


Peachtree City is finally getting its fireworks show. The show starts at 8:30 p.m. over Lake Peachtree Friday night, and only a minimum chance of precipitation is predicted for the date. The event kick off the Labor Day weekend for the community.

This weekend was chosen, because Peachtree City’s contract with Zambelli, the fireworks vendor, set the weekend as the optional rain date. Citizen concerns over staging it this weekend included residents leaving town for the holiday, making either Friday or Monday night the best options for having the most people available to enjoy the display. However, a Monday night event would be complicated by the majority of families having to return to school and work early Tuesday morning.

At their meeting on July 18, council members noted that they had received some comments that the fireworks, like the parade, should simply be cancelled for the year to save funds. However, the city’s fireworks contract required payment for the fireworks regardless of cancellations, instead providing the optional make-up dates of July 5 or Labor Day weekend, in lieu of a refund clause. In the event of severe weather on August 30, the final rain delay date for the fireworks will be August 31.

You may be itching to see the delayed Fourth of July fireworks in Peachtree City Friday night, but don’t go jumping the gun to save a spot for your viewing party.
And if you are dead-set on saving a spot as early as possible, let’s hope you’re an early-riser.
That’s because of a new city ordinance that forbids placing any blanket or tarp down for the fireworks until dawn.

So when the sun goes up Friday morning, so can your blankets and tarps. Just not any other items such as tents, stakes and the like.
City officials said the ordinance was in response to complaints from residents about those who would stake their claim to spots days in advance, leaving their unsightly tarps and blankets all over town.
Any early bird spot-savers who try to set their tarps up before dawn may wake up Friday morning to discover their tarp, blanket or other spot-saving object has been confiscated by the city.

The fireworks were rescheduled to kick off Labor Day weekend as the city’s entire July 4 celebration was cancelled in advance due to inclement weather, with a lot of rain piling up in advance and the possibility of thunderstorms predicted by weather forecasters.
The city was able to hold a makeshift reception July 4 for the Vietnam veterans who were to be honored as grand marshals of the parade; the reception was moved indoors and hosted by the Dixie Wing of the Commemorative Air Force inside its facility at Falcon Field.