Bike tour raises thousands for animal care


The non-profit Pedal for Pets has completed its third annual 300-mile bicycle tour to Savannah to raise awareness and money to provide spay and neuter services for local dogs and cats.

A group of 17 riders ranging in age from 15-68 left Senoia June 6 for the three-day bike ride to Savannah. The non-profit charity was initiated by Wendy Maguire and her son Robbie when they decided to take the journey in 2011 to raise money to help provide spay and neuter services to puppies, kittens, dogs and cats in their community.

“Seeing all of us riding in a line of yellow jerseys with the green pedal for pets logo was thrilling and humbling,” said Maguire. ”To think all of these people took time out of their lives to ride their bikes 74, 100 and 108 miles in three days, all for a cause whose efforts are intangible at this point, is amazing and heart warming. Even more remarkable is that at least five of our riders had never ridden more than 60 miles, ever!”

For Fayette County resident and Senoia business owner Wendy Maguire, the idea that pet over-population is a preventable issue and a compassionate mission led her to organize Pedal for Pets.

“With the final accounting still pending, we raised about $4,000. With this the third year, Pedal for Pets has been able to connect with people and businesses along our route and it is my hope to raise awareness of the pet over-population epidemic and how to prevent it along our way,” said Maguire. “I believe we will see even more support next year as we travel south to Savannah for the fourth annual tour ride.”

Making the point that pet over-population is not only epidemic and the need for spaying or neutering worthwhile and humane, Maguire said each day in the U.S. more than 70,000 puppies and kittens are born, each day more than 19,000 enter an animal shelter and each day more than 11,000 are euthanized.

“This is a grass roots way to solve the problem of over-population, one community at a time,” Maguire said.

For Maguire, she said being aware of the issue and doing something about it were two different things. So she initiated Pedal for Pets because she wanted to put her concerns into action.
“I wanted to do something bigger than me. So I got together with these folks and hammered it out,” Maguire said. “What I would really like to see happen is awareness and volunteers.”

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