Prayer didn’t seem to help previous BoE


In regards to Bonnie Willis’ column about needing more than a moment of silence to fix the school issues, well, quite simply, until recently the school board has had a prayer at the beginning of their meetings, and it hasn’t done much to help them resolve the serious issues that seem to perennially plague them.

I’m sorry that Ms. Willis is disappointed that faith keeps becoming more irrelevant, but I think she has missed the trend that predated removing Christian prayer at public events: every year more Americans define themselves as spiritual but not religious or as not interested in religion.

As Christian prayer is increasingly irrelevant in society, maybe what she should be lamenting is the lack of evangelism by her Christian brothers and sisters.

Having or not having a prayer before a school board meeting is not going to fix this fact.

Paul Schultz

Peachtree City, Ga.