Obamacare goal: Provide care to all, or seize the system?


Mr. Parker continues to assign motives to groups of people and assumes they are not capable of forming their own opinions without the guidance of Karl Rove.

How arrogant.

It is both arrogant and offensive to assume that all evangelicals and Republicans “hate the poor” simply because they do not want the government to seize control of the nation’s healthcare system.

The actual goal of “Obamacare” is most questionable. Is the goal to provide healthcare to all? Or is the goal to take federal control?

If it were simply to provide care to those without healthcare, then one must wonder why the federal bureaucracy found it necessary to mandate insurance-funded contraception to all. Were the poor not able to afford contraception before Obamacare?

Mr. Parker suggests that we should accept a disastrous new government program simply because “nothing will ever be passed over the objections of people and corporations …“.

So in his opinion we should just continue down the road towards national insolvency rather than seek a more effective and less costly solution to the problem. In other words, let’s just give up because it is too hard.

So the 17 million people who live in Netherlands have health insurance. And the President of Ireland, with 4.5 million people in his country, thinks we should do better here.

It is not quite so simple to provide health insurance to more than 300 million people in the U.S. One thing for sure, however: the more the federal bureaucracy gets involved, the worse it will be. And the bureaucracy is just getting started. Just wait until 2014.

Some are satisfied to merely look at the intent of the Affordable Health Care Action and to assume all will be well in the end. Others prefer to examine the details of the act and question whether it can actually deliver on its promise in an efficient and effective manner.

It is not the intent that will count in the final analysis. You must get past the intent of the act and get into the details before you can fully appreciate the disaster that is looming.

Mr. Parker caught my eye when he questioned why Republicans in general and born-again Christians in particular hate poor people. The question was both arrogant and insulting enough to motivate a response.

The intent of my two letters has been to focus on the content of the Affordable Care Act, not its intent. The intent is admirable, but the method will eventually degrade healthcare for everyone and drive our great nation closer to insolvency.

Dr. Lawson of Fayetteville reinforces this view in his recent letter to the editor and encourages readers to learn more about the Affordable Health Care Act and its impact on the future of our Great Nation’s healthcare system. His letter deserves a careful reading.

Ed Strong

Peachtree City, Ga.