Dueling letters to editor: Egos and big words


The Citizen is truly a “local news” paper except for the nationally syndicated columnists on the editorial page; it covers Fayette County like the morning dew.

Some local news papers in small towns fill their pages with national and global stories that seem to take away from the “folksiness” of the paper. I commend the staff of The Citizen for their diligence.

I like the A section of The Citizen most of all because it captures the pulse of what is happening in Fayette County.

I always read the Opinion section skeptically because that’s just the way I am.

I have noticed that there are a lot of frequent contributors to the Letters to the Editor who literally (pun intended) have a captive audience. It’s really better than having a “by-line.” I won’t mention any names, but most avid readers know who they are as do the writers.

This week one of the “regulars” had a piece that mentioned another regular in the objective and subjective that is their forte; sort of like dueling letters to the editor. Can everyone say corroboration?

There seem to be recurring topics for debate and conjecture of a religious, political, philosophical nature or the topic de jour (weekly, in this case) by a lot of writers.

I’ve always heard you can’t argue about religion, politics or life and ever come to a compromise. Why question one’s faith, political bent or world view when you can’t or won’t change their minds or they yours. Unless…

Some seem to be educated or undereducated beyond their intelligence or lack plain old common sense; self included. We can’t all be “right.” Talk about a Great Awakening!

I believe that a lot of these contributors have BIG egos. They use words meant to try to influence others. Some may use improvisation. (Rhetoric) They have the ability to say the “right” things; skillfully and diplomatically. (Tact) They have a cause or a motive and draw their own conclusions. (Reason) Mentally they are sure of themselves. (Poise) Maybe they really don’t believe what they spout off about. (Disingenuous) (Bunk)

Or, to put it another way, pure old BS that doesn’t really count for much of anything.

I’ve always heard that an opinion is like a certain part of the human anatomy, “everybody has one.”

Well, this discourse has come to an end. I really appreciate the chance to “contribute” and I hope I haven’t bored too many readers.

Calvin Griffin

Fayetteville, Ga.