Hypocrisy of Left on flagrant display


How sad that the misguided Tim Parker, Amy Nyman and other liberals have taken to attacking Christians while failing to recognize their unspoken generosity and compassion.

To politicize and paint believers with such a broad brush is clearly an injustice, considering how this body of people have benefited the poor around the world through their tithes, offerings and volunteer work.

Christians are hardly perfect but at least ascribe to serving God by serving others as guided by scripture.

My church alone has built a community center that was funded completely by church members and is manned by church volunteers. Its purpose is to give the youth in our community, disadvantaged or otherwise, a healthy environment in which to engage in wholesome social activities, where they otherwise might not.

More recently, my church’s altar was covered with hundreds of backpacks and school supplies destined to underprivileged children in order that they might have a better start this school year.

Moreover, the “bigoted, right-wing conservative whackos” in my church who so clearly “hate the poor” (Tim Parker) and who have a “mindless, unjustifiable support for big business and harsh heartlessness toward the poor” (Amy Nyman) have provided many of these poor families with meals over the summer to supplement the school lunch program that is unavailable to them when school is not in session.

All of these benevolent efforts represent a fraction of what churches in our community and around the country offer in helping the poor.

Yet for all this Mr. Parker, Ms. Nyman and the left have labeled Christians as penurious hypocrites because they maintain their American right to disagree with the liberal mantra of overdone, fiscally untenable government entitlements, stifling taxes and dogmatic extremism.

Even Dan Cathy, who welcomes “all” into his wholesome, privately owned restaurants, is not permitted freedom of speech to voice his Christian beliefs on family values without reprisal from the left.

These “free thinking” stone-throwers have no life blueprint to fall back on other than a disdain and intolerance for anything or anyone who would question their extreme and liberal ideology of “anything goes.”

Share in their mindset and you will not raise their ire. Civil discourse is hardly possible if you disagree with them but more often takes the form of disruptive protest and retaliation, such as their planned indecent public exploitation in the vicinity of Chick-fil-A restaurants. The hypocrisy is flagrant.

For Christians to exercise their right to express and cling to the moral and religious values that our country was founded upon is outright bigotry in the eyes of the left.

Clearly, Mr. Parker’s and Ms. Nyman’s attacks on Christian Americans are unfair, unfounded and undeserved.

[On another subject,] as I continue to read the fallout from our 4th of July parade, my hope is that we will return to a common ground of simply celebrating the birth of our nation as a community without acrimony or ill will.

Decorated golf carts, patriotic singers, candy and plenty of flag waving is something that we all enjoy and cherish about our unique city.

I would suggest that we leave political campaigning and other potentially divisive processions out of our parade as there are plenty of other venues in which to do this.

Ralph P. Trapaga

Peachtree City, Ga.