TDK honored as top supplier, receives Pinnacle from Delphi


TDK Components USA in Peachtree City has been honored with an award for supplier excellence by one of its biggest clients.

Delphi, a global supplier of electronics and technologies for automotive and commercial vehicle applications, bestowed its Pinnacle Award for Supplier Excellence on TDK two weeks during an award ceremony.

A company spokesperson said TDK was excited to receive the award as it strives toward zero defects for all customers through continuous improvement.

Delphi’s senior vice president of global supply management Sidney Johnson said the company’s vision “is to be recognized by our customers as their best supplier.”

“Achieving that vision requires a deep passion for excellence, a passion to exceed our customers’ expectations at every opportunity,” Johnson said. “Delphi’s global team appreciates TDK Components USA, Inc. commitment to that same vision.”

TDK produces multilayered ceramic chip capacitors that are used in a variety of electronic products from cellphones to automobile instruments.

The tiny capacitors are so small that they must be observed by microscope for quality assurance. Cellphones have up to 200 capacitors each and auto instruments can have between 100 and 200 each, company officials have said.

TDK’s capacitors are also used in computer and consumer electronics industries.

TDK was one of 26 suppliers in 13 countries recognized by Delphi.

Delphi operates major technical centers, manufacturing sites and customer support facilities in 30 countries. The company’s goal is to deliver real-world innovations to make products smarter and safer as well as more powerful and efficient.

TDK, which opened in 1986 in Peachtree City is a world leader in the production of multilayered ceramic chip capacitors.

TDK in recent years has won environmental accolades for revamping its manufacturing process to save water and electricity.

Located in the Peachtree City industrial park, TDK pre-treats its wastewater to remove metals before sending it for treatment at the city’s sewer treatment plant.

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