Tyrone golf cart mishap injures 12-year-old girl


A 12-year-old Tyrone girl was injured May 26 when the golf cart she was riding in overturned. The driver of the golf cart, also a 12-year-old girl, was uninjured. Though only suffering “road rash,” the injured girl was transported to Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta for treatment.

Tyrone Police Maj. Van Brock said the accident occurred at approximately 7 p.m. in the Chimney Springs subdivision when the driver of the golf cart lost control as it picked up speed while traveling on a downhill course. The golf cart was estimated to have been traveling at 15-20 miles per hour, Brock said.

The driver lost control and the golf cart overturned on the roadway, Brock said. One of the girls fell onto the ground and suffered a degree of road rash, Brock said, adding that the other girl landed on top of her and was uninjured. The injured girl was taken to Scottish Rite Hospital, said Brock.

No citations were issued, though Brock referenced the town’s ordinance requiring that drivers of golf cart must, at minimum, have a learner’s permit and be accompanied by a licensed driver.

“Don’t let your kids drive golf carts unless they are of age and are responsible and are able to drive,” Brock said in a cautionary comment to Tyrone parents.