Jesus follower to atheist: You have a remarkable gift


In response to Lucas Oliver’s letter, I appreciated your letter in The Citizen. I’m not sure why you felt led to start your letter with an apology though.

As I read your letter, I was truly able to hear and understand your heart. You should never have to apologize for sharing something that is from the depths of your soul. Always be true to yourself.

We do live in a very diverse America. Isn’t that what’s made our country so great? Learning to live with one another and accepting them for who they are without labeling them and categorizing them seems to be our biggest problem now. Everyone is entitled to their own belief system.

The free will that has been given to us is a remarkable gift but it cannot be a tool used against one another. Thank you for feeling free enough and confident enough to put your thoughts down on paper and let Fayette County know how you feel.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ but have not always been one. I was overwhelmed by love and that is what changed my life and direction. My path in life will always intersect with other’s paths and I would hope that we would be kind to one another as well as as accepting as long as we do not hurt each other.

May love overwhelm you.

Nancy Noland

Fayetteville, Ga.