Man mugged inside F’ville Home Depot, iPhone snatched


For the victim who had his iPhone grabbed off his belt Sunday inside the Home Depot in Fayetteville, it is a cautionary tale. The man was with his young daughters when someone came up behind him, snatched his phone and fled the area.

The incident occurred in the early afternoon hours Sunday when the victim was approached from behind by a man that slammed into him and grabbed the iPhone from his belt, said Fayetteville Det. Mike Whitlow. The blow was sufficiently hard that it nearly knocked the thief onto the ground, Whitlow said.

The victim temporarily gave chase, as did a Home Depot employee. Whitlow said the man, described as a black male with short hair and wearing a yellow t-shirt and blue jeans, entered a white vehicle that exited the shopping center onto Ga. Highway 85 heading south.

The victim told The Citizen that the theft was brazen. It happened inside the store to someone who is six feet tall and weighs more than 200 pounds, he said.