2 children report minor injuries after schoolbuses collide in F’ville


UPDATED for print Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2012 — A Fayette County schoolbus and another from a local daycare center were involved in an accident in Fayetteville Monday afternoon. Fayetteville Police reported that two of the 26 students being transported complained of minor physical injuries.

At approximately 3:36 p.m. a Fayette County schoolbus from Fayette Middle School was traveling east on Ga. Highway 54 at the Lafayette Avenue intersection, said police spokesman Steve Crawshaw.

The bus driver was distracted while correcting a child, Crawshaw said, adding that when the driver looked up he noticed the traffic light was red and there was a Nurturing Children’s Christian Daycare bus in the intersection.

The schoolbus hit the daycare bus, causing it to flip on its side in the intersection, Crawshaw said.

Crawshaw said there were 26 children plus the driver on the schoolbus, while the daycare bus was occupied only by the driver and no children.

The children were taken back to the Fayette Middle School and interviewed, then placed on another schoolbus, while others were picked up by parents.

Subsequent to the interviews, there were complaints of injuries by two of the children, said Crawshaw.

Det. Mike Whitlow on Tuesday said the incident is still under investigation.