Local connections drive Geeslin Group


Dale Geeslin is good with numbers. More than that, he likes them. While some people’s eyes glaze over at the prospect of taxes, audits, legal proceedings or filling out paperwork, Geeslin finds it interesting. He can appreciate the details and the minutiae, but he also sees the people behind the forms, the clients who placed their trust in him and his company to see them through what can be a tough time.

“I think one of the keys to my success is that I develop good relationships with my clients,” Geeslin said. “I can see the impact that I have made helping people.”

The Geeslin Group LLC, located at 1125 Commerce Drive, Suite 300 in Peachtree City, provides many services for their clients ranging from tax return preparation and planning for individuals or businesses to estate planning, litigation support, accounting and auditing, business valuation and consulting.

Geeslin has experience at local, regional and national accounting firms and has an extensive and impressive amount of experience providing services such as internal control reviews, corporate structuring, bank loan proposals, business sale and acquisition and business succession planning.

In 2010, he opened the Geeslin Group in Peachtree City because he wanted to work in the area he lived in. He associates with a lot of professionals, formerly serving as the Chairman of the Peer Review Executive Committee for the Georgia Society of CPAs (GSCPA). He was also an organizing director of The Bank of Georgia, has served as Chairman of the Finance and Personnel Committees for several local churches and was President of the Football Booster Club at Landmark Christian School. He is also a member of the Atlanta Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

With tax season approaching, the accounting world is heading into their busiest time of the year. Geeslin likes this time of the year but stresses that his is a year round firm that helps its clients when things are going well (aiding with business planning) as well as when things are going not so well (aiding with cost containment, profit improvement or compliance issues).

“What we do can seem kind of boring,” Geeslin said. “But when we’re needed, we’re there. I can have an impact on 10-15 clients a day and I think that is interesting.”
Geeslin states that he is very accesible and encourages prospective clients to call and talk with him. He doesn’t charge for an initial discussion to see if he can help someone out. He noted that many people are making financial resolutions at this time of year and the best thing for people to do is to have a sound financial plan and to live within their means.

“It isn’t rocket science – don’t spend more than you bring in,” Geeslin said.

Geeslin stays on top of the continuing education in both the CPA and CFE worlds and writes a blog on his web site (www.geeslingroup.com) about important financial issues. He has seen the accounting world change from one that involved shipping off input sheets to be processed to one where things can be calculated with the click of a few buttons.

It is on his informative web site that he sums up the focus of his business very succinctly –

“We exist because… in the financial world, there are things that you don’t want to do, can’t do or don’t want to do alone. That is why we are here – to help our clients navigate through the tax, accounting and financial matters that affect their everyday lives. Because you need a trusted advisor, we are here…”

For more information on the Geeslin Group, phone 770-487-0001 or visit www.geeslingroup.com