PTC keeps control over TDK extension


Citizens worried about a possible resurrection of the TDK Boulevard extension from south Peachtree City into Coweta County can rest a lot easier now.

The Fayette County Commission has backed off its plans to condemn a city-owned tract northeast of the city airport that could have opened the door to the road.

Thursday night, the Peachtree City Council approved a land swap with the county that will allow it to retain land in the path of the proposed road extension.

The land swap will give the city a swath of land along Line Creek in the area where a bridge was proposed for the road extension.

That, in turn, gives the city the power to rebuff any future road extension there. It also gives the county what it needs: better access to the dam and lake amenities at the under-construction Lake McIntosh reservoir.

The TDK extension was scuttled in 2007 by city and county officials who worried it would flood Hwy. 74 south with cars from a proposed mini-city that had been approved by Coweta officials. The McIntosh Village plan called for 3,100 homes and 600,000 square feet of retail on 1,558 acres east of the southern end of Peachtree City and north of Senoia.

Some worried that the new retail would siphon customers away from Peachtree City stores, while others counter that the 3,100 homes would drive more traffic to Peachtree City businesses.

Two weeks ago, Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown insisted there were forces at play behind the scenes for the county to acquire the land so it could ultimately build TDK in the future. But fellow Commissioner Robert Horgan insisted that wasn’t true and furthermore that the county commission was trying to protect the city’s ability to keep the road extension mothballed.

Horgan said the county wanted to own the land, not just have an easement, because the county is spending upwards of $400,000 on the recreation areas at the lake.

The 650-acre lake will stretch just south of Ga. Highway 54 West southward toward Falcon Field Airport. It will be located along Line Creek though most of the land is in the jurisdiction of Coweta County. The land was purchased back in the 1970s and is owned by Fayette County.

Representatives for the owner of the 1,500 acre Coweta tract primed for the mega-development recently asked Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix to revive the TDK extension project, Haddix said.

Haddix said he rebuffed the request because there is “zero interest in extending a bridge or a road” into Coweta County.