Making Plan B pills over-the -counter for pre-teen girls ‘pure evil’


I am surprised to find myself in agreement with the Obama administration. The Department of Health and Human Services just overruled the FDA and refused to allow Plan B — which is used within three days of conception to terminate pregnancy — to be sold over the counter to minors.

I won’t speculate about the motives for this unprecedented move and am pretty sure the progressive forces which seem to run our country will eventually get their twisted way.

But, let’s think about this situation. The company that makes Plan B, Teva Industries, has been pushing from the beginning to make it available over the counter and to get rid of any checks or limitations on its distribution.

To me, that’s pure evil. Sacrificing the innocence of youth for mere profit is about as bad as it comes and in some way confirms the worst accusations of the Occupy protestors in regards to corporate America.

But what really bothers me is that so-called women’s advocates are pushing this issue as well. Not that I’m surprised, but aren’t they supposed to be protecting women and girls especially? How does encouraging teen and pre-teen girls to have sex by making Plan B available in grocery store aisles “protect” them?

For that matter, is there a single study that touts the benefits of teenage sex, or even pre-marital sex? On the contrary, there are numerous studies that show how sex more often than not harms the emotional and physical well-being of young girls especially. And how many more cases of molestation do we need to hear about before we realize that the solution is not to encourage our young people to have more sex?

I know advocates of teenage sex education think they’re doing the right thing. Heck, even Teva thinks on some level they’re operating in the public’s best interest. But intentions are not the issue here; consequences are.

No one who does evil really thinks they’re doing evil. It’s just that their idea of good is wrong, and often fatally wrong.

The consequences of encouraging and enabling teen sex with contraception, abortion, and a culture that denigrates chastity are ruined lives and destroyed life. (Plan B prevents the fertilized egg from implanting in the womb, thus snuffing out life in the earliest stage.)

So why do we continue to “solve” problems associated with teenage sex by encouraging more of it? Because our society has totally lost its mind on sex. And those who suffer the most are the least able to cope with the consequences.

Welcome to a world untethered from Christian morality and common sense.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.