PTC names 2 ‘rec’ roads, will help visibility for visitors


Peachtree City has officially named the access drives leading to Peachtree City’s Meade Field and Kedron Fieldhouse/Pool recreation centers.

Doing so will help improve visibility for visitors to both amenities.

In the case of Meade Field, the new alignment of Rockaway Road in south Peachtree City left part of the old Rockaway Road as an access driveway to the softball and soccer complex. The road also provides access to the city’s recycling center.

That road was renamed “Meade Field Drive.”

The access road leading to the Kedron Fieldhouse/Pool area abuts Kedron Elementary School but has gone unnamed since it was built. Now it will be known as “Fieldhouse Drive.”

The road namings, approved by the city council last week, will also help direct emergency responders to both areas, according to city staff.