Illinois man gets mouthy, gets busted at Best Buy


An Illinois man was arrested in the early morning hours of Black Friday at the Best Buy store in Fayetteville on charges of disorderly conduct and public drunkenness after yelling and cursing in the store.

Eric C. Smith, 36, of Maywood, Ill., was charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct, according to Fayetteville Police spokesman Steve Crawshaw.

Crawshaw said the incident began just after midnight on Nov. 25 when a number of retailers at the Fayette Pavilion had opened early for Black Friday shoppers.

Crawshaw said an officer on patrol was in front of the Best Buy store when he heard Smith approaching from the nearby Toys “R” Us store, yelling and cursing. The officer approached Smith, informing him that he must stop the cursing and yelling in public or face arrest charges, said Crawshaw.

Crawshaw said Smith acknowledged the officer’s warning and entered the Best Buy store. A short time later a customer exited the store and informed the officer that a man inside was cursing.

The officer entered the store, observed Smith’s behavior and witnessed an employee asking Smith to leave, said Crawshaw. As he was being arrested, Crawshaw said Smith yelled at the officer, “F— you f—ing small-town cops. F— Georgia. I hate this f—ing place.”