Youth football coach arrested for assaulting PTC parent


Brooks Bears youth football assistant coach and Pike County resident Jack Neace was arrested Nov. 17 on charges of aggravated battery after the weekend assault on a parent of a Peachtree City player in the parking lot of Whitewater High School after the game had ended.

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Josh Shelton said Neace, 41, was arrested Thursday on charges of battery and aggravated battery.
Neace has been expelled from participating in the program, and the Brooks Bears football association also decided for Neace’s team to bow out of a tournament this weekend because it might have had to face the same Peachtree City team later, The Citizen has learned.

Though the investigation is incomplete and ongoing, Shelton said the incident occurred in the parking lot of Whitewater High School after the game between the two youth football teams had ended.

Preliminary information revealed that Neace assaulted the parent of a Peachtree City player, with the man suffering a broken hand, Shelton said. The injured man, who told officers at the scene that he is legally blind, sought treatment for his injuries at Piedmont Fayette Hospital, said Shelton.

Shelton noted that the investigation is not complete, adding that anyone with information pertaining to the incident should contact him at 770-716-4777.

Brooks President Mike Saul said the decision to expel Neace was based on the alleged violence breaching the Brooks code of conduct that all coaches sign at the beginning of the season.

“We don’t tolerate any type of violence,” Saul said.

— Staff writer John Munford contributed to this article