Light display in Peachtree City gets people into Halloween spirit


Tom Langley’s Christmas light display is famous around these parts. Area residents flock to the street around his home in the Morallion Hills subdivision in Peachtree City each December to see the thousands of lights perfectly timed to musical accompaniment. This year, Langley has created a Halloween display set to five Halloween-themed songs to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

“There are around 2,500 lights in the display and it took about a week to put together, set up and test,”Langley said,adding that synchronizing the lights with the music is obviously very time consuming. “The most challenging thing is getting the actions to match with the voices.”

Langley put in the research on how to get the lighted figures to appear to sing and the time and effort was worth it. Several skull heads croon to “Purple People Eater,” while a Jack O’Lantern sings “Thriller,” “Ghostbusters,” and “Monster Mash.” All of the creatures take part in “The Addams Family,” and Langley was considering adding some lights to the theme from the movie “Halloween” if he could find some time before the big day.

Langley’s neighbors, long accustomed to his enthusiastic holiday displays, don’t seem to mind the extra traffic that comes by to watch the shows. The local homeowner’s association even mentioned the display and stated that it was getting the neighborhood in the Halloween spirit. On Tuesday, Langley will start taking down this display and begin preparation for his annual Christmas light show, one he added would contain some new elements this year.

“I hope they work like I think they will,” he said, keeping the elements a surprise. “I’ve never done it before. It will be interesting.”

The Halloween light show will last from 7:30 p.m.- 11 p.m. Saturday and Halloween night and will stop at 10 p.m. on Sunday. It is a school night after all. Cars can hear the music if they turn to 91.5 FM, but there is also some sound in the yard for visitors who come by golf cart.

The Christmas show will start Dec. 1.

Langley lives at 201 Felspar Ridge in Morallion Hills, which is off Braelin Rd. in Peachtree City.