Haddix’s shadow falls on Allen-Imker race


Open letter to Steve Allen, running against incumbent Eric Imker, Peachtree City Council, Post:

I have read both of your letters to the editor in The Citizen announcing your candidacy. The only consistent theme you seem to have is that you disagree with anything Imker does or wants to do that is in opposition of Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix.

In your original announcement for running (“Steve Allen: Why I’m Running Against Eric Imker for City Council,” The Citizen, 9/13/11), three of your six bullet points specifically state Imker’s opposition to the mayor as your reasoning for opposing him, and at least one other bullet (DAPC) has the same implication. It sounds so distinctly like what Mayor Haddix has written about Imker, it wouldn’t surprise me if the mayor didn’t pen it himself.

You speak of an aggressive plan for maintaining existing business and attracting new companies to Peachtree City, but don’t say how those ideals align with the counter-productive activities and perception of our mayor?

If new revenue growth through existing and new business is truly your goal, it can only be done in step with opposition to Haddix’s continued dismantlement of our city’s reputation and aggravation to the people and groups whose job it is to bring in that new business.

Either you want new business for our city and therefore denounce the activities of the mayor that prevent it, or you support the mayor and his actions and accept the fact that, along with that support, out the window goes the opportunity to attract new business. You can’t have it both ways.

You continue to call Eric down on the tax issue, so let’s get a look at the best unbiased view we have going right now, the editor of this paper, Mr. Cal Beverly. I happen to respect Cal and what he writes, you may feel differently. Cal says what he means, doesn’t mince words, and never seems to let the local politicians sway his opinion. So what did Cal say about Imker and his taking on the mayor on the budget and tax issues?

“I disagree with Mayor Don Haddix that furloughs should be off the table in Peachtree City. He says the city is not like a private business, mainly because there are ‘citizen demands.’

“Four cheers to Councilman Eric Imker for pointing out the obvious: The emperor has no clothes. The money ain’t there, and it likely ain’t gonna be there for several years to come. Mr. Imker, you are absolutely right to confront the status quo in local government.

“I agree completely with Mr. Imker: It’s time to deal with reality. Private sector taxpayers are a lot worse off than almost all government employees at all levels.”

Steve, you say the things you think the people want to hear, like running the government like a business, yet you denounce the one guy who has been trying to do just that (Imker) while swooning at the mere aroma of the passing mayor who states that the city cannot be run like a private business.

You need to make a decision, Steve, and we as the citizens are waiting to hear it. Either firmly distance yourself from Don Haddix by calling him on his actions and run on a promise to oppose the shenanigans he continues that are running this city in the ground or go ahead and get your election signs printed with a picture on the front of you and Donnie holding hands. Which is it going to be?

Understand, the citizens have had it with Mayor Haddix. He has been censured by his peers for his behavior and is an embarrassment to the city. It appears your only purpose in running in this election is to give the mayor the majority on council so he can run ram-shod with the citizens’ tax dollars to further his own personal aspirations. I know you recently moved here and maybe that’s acceptable practice in Chicago, but that won’t fly in Peachtree City.

Mike LaTella


Peachtree City, Ga.