Committee discussing creation of Founders Park in PTC


A “time-line” committee has been hard at work for a number of months to create a Founders Park in Peachtree City.

The commemoration is conceived for the arc around the front of City Hall and the city library. The design was created by Jerry Peterson, one-time vice president of planning for Peachtree City Development Corp. (later Pathway Communities) for 25 years and now owner of Peterson Planning.

It is to be established near the fountain outside City Hall and across from the library.

Each side of a square of the park will represent 50 years of Peachtree City history. Citizens are asked to share their ideas of what the various plaques should say, as well as requesting funds to complete the project.

It is estimated that an additional $30,000 is needed for the project to be completed.

Moderator Jim Strickland, an architect and a longtime builder in Peachtree City and founder of Historical Concepts, related to everyone that much of Peachtree City has gotten to the point it has by volunteers. He urged those present to continue to be volunteers and to take the city into the next decades with their time and continued donations.

Two meetings were held at City Hall with over 70 citizens coming to offer their assistance.If you would like to participate in the project, call the city’s Public Information officer, Betsy Tyler, at 770-487-7657.