Fayette schools show decreased numbers of discipline issues


The Fayette County School System does not have the types of serious disruptions and crimes found in many public school settings across the state and nation.

That said, the Fayette County Board of Education on June 7 got a look at the top five offenses across the school system this year, all of which decreased from the previous year. Topping the list was tardiness at high schools, inappropriate behavior at middle schools and physical aggression at elementary schools.

School system Safety, Discipline and Athletics Director C.W. Campbell at the meeting provided the top five offenses at each of the settings for the 2010-2011 school year and compared them to the previous year.

A total of 8,696 offenses were tracked at high schools for the year that just ended. That count included 2,734 fewer incidents than in 2009-2010.

Topping the high school list were 2,914 incidents of students being tardy to school, followed by 848 relating to electronic communications devices, 556 dress code violations, 436 occasions of violating teacher detention and 353 occasions of not following instructions.

Campbell noted in the presentation that high schools were seeing a decline in the use of electronic devices, with “not as many disciplinary issues as we had four years ago.”

The system’s middle schools tallied 3,823 offenses during the past year, down 397 from the previous year.

The top five offenses in middle schools during 2010-2011 were 472 instances of inappropriate behavior, 299 disruptions, 221 cases of physical aggression, 221 instances of violating teacher detention and 199 occasions of not following instructions.

And at elementary schools there were 1,368 offenses noted. That compares to 1,757 last year.

Making the top five list were 307 instances of physical aggression, 247 occasions of inappropriate behavior, 98 where the student was disrespectful or rude, 97 occasions of disruptive behavior and 80 occasions where behavior was threatening or intimidating.