Lawn equipment stolen in storage burglary


Peachtree City Police are investigating the theft of more than $5,000 in lawn equipment stolen in the early morning hours May 11 from Citadel Storage on Dividend Drive. A video surveillance camera at the location showed a male wearing tan pants and a hoodie remove the equipment from two of the four entered trailers after the locks had been cut.

The surveillance camera showed a male entering the area just before 4 a.m. on May 11, according to police reports. The man cut the locks on four enclosed trailers and removed items from two of them. One of the trailers contained a riding mower, weed-eater, edger, two hedge trimmers and a backpack blower.

The other trailer from which equipment was removed contained an electric saw, according to reports. The total value of the equipment was estimated at approximately $5,000, reports said.

The man was wearing tan pants and a dark hoodie. At one point he cut a hole in the fence and began to drag another trailer containing some of the items to the fence where he exited the property. The man also drove the riding mower through the fence opening. The property manager subsequently found the empty trailer in a location outside the fenced area.

Anyone with information pertaining to the thefts is asked to contact Peachtree City Police at 770-487-8866.