Mayor for Kedron gun show, staff nixed it without council input


\With several citizens’ concerns leading to the cancellation of a revenue-producing gun show renting out the Kedron Fieldhouse, Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix says the City Council may once again look at setting a policy on what constitutes acceptable use of the facility.

When gun show representatives approached the recreation department about the possibility, city officials sought the public’s input on the matter. While most of the feedback was positive, a few residents were opposed to the event, and Leisure Services Director Randy Gaddo ultimately cancelled it.
addix said the city received five citizen complaints about the potential gun show, but only two were “anti-gun.” The others were concerned about the fieldhouse being overused with too many programs, Haddix explained.

Haddix noted that the decision was never brought back to him as mayor or to the City Council for input, but he supported the gun show.

“I definitely supported it wholeheartedly,” Haddix said.

The issue will most likely be brought back up for discussion at the annual City Council retreat.

Haddix said he wants to look at the overall picture of not just the Kedron Fieldhouse, but also the potential funding of an expansion to the Gathering Place and whether the city should replace the Kedron Aquatic Center “bubble” or instead operate it as solely an indoor pool.