Attorney says bullies fabricated Whitewater gun threat


An attorney who represents a Whitewater High School student accused of threatening to shoot two fellow students said today that her client never made any such threats.

Moreover, a juvenile court official confirmed today that the student, who is charged with two counts of making a terroristic threat, did not even have access to a gun at home to make good on the alleged threat.

Attorney Delisa Williams said the threat was fabricated after her client threatened to report two other Whitewater students who have been taunting and bullying him for at least several months. [WARNING — The following paragraph contains language that may be objectionable to many readers.]

In the most recent incidents, her client was harassed and called a “nigger lover” by the other two students because of his interracial relationship with his girlfriend, Williams said. Williams said her client is white while his girlfriend is black.

In the past, other taunts from the two students to her client questioned his sexuality, she added.

The Citizen has learned that Williams’ client, who is 16 and considered a juvenile under Georgia law, was committed at least temporarily to a Youth Detention Center by a juvenile court judge.

However, The Citizen also has learned that decision may be more related to the child’s home life than the charges that were filed against him.

Williams’ client was charged Wednesday with two counts of making terroristic threats, but in juvenile court he can either be sentenced to up to two years probation or as much as 30 days in a youth detention center for each charge, a court official said.

Williams said it is too early to determine if she would seek to file any criminal charges against the two Whitewater students who she claims lied in starting the alleged rumor that accused her client of threatening to shoot them.

Also, a civil lawsuit may be filed at some point she added, noting the hardship that the incident has placed on her client’s parents also.

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