Plunkett thanks outgoing PTC manager for straight talk


It’s not very often that a former Peachtree City council member returns to address the council during a meeting.

Cyndi Plunkett took advantage of her citizen’s allowance of two minutes during the public comment portion of Thursday’s meeting.

“I did not come here to complain,” Plunkett said with a smile on her face. “I’m here to recognize the end of an era.”

Specifically Plunkett came to praise retiring City Manager Bernie McMullen, noting this was most likely his last full meeting before his final day the end of the year.

Plunkett said one of the things she most appreciated about McMullen when she was on council was how he would always give council his recommendations based on what he thinks is best for the city, “and not what we want to hear.”

Plunkett stressed that she hoped the next city manager hired by council would be able to do the same, particularly in the ability to make equally good decisions despite what some might want to hear.

She also noted that McMullen has not only served three different city councils, but he also has guided the city through some tough economic times, and tough personnel issues as well.

“All those times, the recommendations that Bernie has made always were to protect the interests of Peachtree City…” Plunkett said.

After Plunkett’s presentation, the audience, city staff and council gave McMullen a standing ovation.

As McMullen leaves the end of the year, City Administrative Services Director Nikki Vrana has been appointed to serve as interim City Manager to serve until a full-time replacement can be named.