PTC to hire economic development coordinator for 1 year


The Peachtree City Council is expected Thursday night to approve a one-year contract for an economic development coordinator to help attract businesses to the city.

City staff is recommending a contract with Joey Grisham, who most recently performed similar work for the city of Granbury, Texas and has worked as the economic development director in both Granbury and also Keller, Texas.

Grisham holds a masters in economic development from the University of Southern Mississippi and was the most qualified among the two finalists who were selected by a four-person panel and participated in an extensive activity and presentation to an audience, according to a memo to council from city staff.

“Mr. Grisham is experienced in strategic planning, industrial recruitment and retention, and has a wide knowledge base on the retail market, which is critical to the job function in assisting the existing retail centers and merchants in the community,” Interim City Manager Nikki Vrana wrote in the memo to council.

Grisham’s salary would be $71,722 a year but would be prorated over the next nine months. If approved he will begin work Jan. 3, Vrana said.

Grisham’s contract is renewable on an annual basis if funding is approved in the city budget for the position.