PTC’s Civil Air Patrol squadron takes 1st & 2nd place in state competition


Peachtree City’s Civil Air Patrol squadron GA116 wins big again at state competition held at Dobbins ARB on Nov. 13, 2010.

The Drill Team, led by Cadet Capt. Dan Schulz, assisted by Cadet Mst. Sgt. Brandon Austin, won six out of seven events, in addition to first place overall.

Senior Civil Air Patrol members Lt. Col. Pete Schulz and Major Kelly Austin were there to assist cadets as needed.

GA116 Drill Team members were Cadets Austin, Davis, Dehan, Forero, Hogan, Hyeung, Kuneyl, McGraw, Moreno, Morrow, Owens, Roberts, Robinette and Schulz.

The GA116 Color Guard performed well also, pulling a strong second place overall. Guided by senior member, 1st Lt. Bobby Myers. Color Guard team members this year were Cadets Beach, Hinchey, T. Huffington, J. Huffington, and Rodriguez.

GA116 progresses to Regional Competition to be held April 2011 at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Ala.