The Fayette Thrift Shop celebrates 20 years


Twenty years ago this month, Asden Johnson and Eileen Patton began the Fayette Thrift Shop. It has always been open six days a week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The store has clothes, house-wares, and books available at reasonable prices to  those who are in need of them.

They have 80 volunteers, and a board of directors of 15 people, all of whom receive no remuneration of any kind.

Their kindly landlord, Wendell Goodman, has always been thoughtful of their rent, so that their only other expenses are utilities and phone.

Their income has always been given to two Fayette County non-profits, the Fayette Youth Protection Home and Promise Place, a safe-haven for abused women.

The shop has been able to donate over one million dollars to these groups. That’s million,  with an “m.” 

To date the total comes to $1,330,400.00 that has gone to protect abused youth and women.

A breakfast was held to thank these volunteers with special thanks going to the person serving as volunteer for all 20 years, Marian Howells.

“We are especially proud,” said Johnson, “ that we are the first and only volunteer thrift shop in the county. Every dollar we raise stays in Fayette County.”

If you wish to donate items for the shop, it is located in the Big Lots shopping center.