1st impression of regional transportation tax: Nothing for Fayette


The following is a brief update on the current status of the TSPLOST per information coming from the Transit Day meeting I attended at GDOT headquarters in Atlanta. A poll of 400 voters was taken in the District giving the following results:

• Fulton and DeKalb supported the bill 63 to 32 percent.

• Clayton, Cobb and Gwinnett were almost 50/50.

• Fayette, Douglas, Henry, Cherokee and Rockdale opposed 55 to 40 percent.

• The combined vote was 53 percent in favor.

• No county supported building more roads.

• There was support for upgrading, meaning adding improvements like turn lanes, and increased road maintenance.

• There was support for adding infrastructure like bike paths and sidewalks.

I asked what is in this for Fayette because I could not see anything.

The reply was really nothing at this point in time, but I should keep an open mind. As well, this was a sentiment being heard from other counties, especially the “suburban” ones.

Additionally, I asked if any other solution than [mass] transit and new roads had been considered. The answer was no.

It is troubling that those who developed this plan almost all are either with transit groups or from the counties using transit already.

I believe in home rule, and this is not when it puts such stiff penalties on saying no. Nor can I accept the tax designation, meaning Transportation Local Option Sales Tax. There is nothing local about it.

[Don Haddix was elected mayor of Peachtree City in 2009. Previously, he had served two years as a council member. His email is dhaddix@peachtree-city.org.]